Navigate the Conference Proceedings

The purpose of the Conference Proceedings is for you to view, in your own time, more details on the presentations that you enjoyed and to read more of the presentations you could not see at the event and they also act as a record of Interspill 2022.

In the Proceedings are the extended abstracts provided by the presenter. You should contact the speaker if you wish to have their full presentation.


The navigation documents are:

  • Interspill 2022 Programme as at 19 June 22 – the final event programme covering all aspects of the event
  • Interspill 2022 Conference Schedule with PREMIAM – this covers ONLY those presentation that were part of the Technical Conference Session 1 – 21 and the PREMIAM Conference Sessions (held on 22 Jun only).

Once you know which session you wish to view by number and session title, open its folder and you will see a folder with the name of each presenter. In this is the extended abstract or presentation that they gave.

What is in the Proceedings

  • The Interspill 2022 event programme
  • The Interspill 2022 Conference programme including the PREMIAM Conference
  • The Interspill 2022 event catalogue and event brochure

Contact with Speakers

You are welcome to contact the speakers and their email address is in their extended abstract. If you need connecting then do email them directly.

Intellectual Property

Each speaker has used their knowledge, research and experience and OWN the COPYRIGHT to what they presented. The purpose of their presentation was to share knowledge to the benefit of our community. You are asked to respect this copyright. It is illegal to copy without permission.

Conference Proceedings