Call for Papers - Interspill 2025 Conference


The Interspill Committee have initiated the 'Call for Papers' process for Interspill 2025, whereby authors are invited to submit abstracts for content consideration for the event.

The closing date for submission of a short abstract is 18 June 2024 - all initial submissions must be a max of 250 words and should be emailed to Interspill Ltd's Executive Director, Mark Orr, at by this date.

On this page, you will find the requested topics and themes, which will collectively form the Conference streams. You can also find additional details for abstract submission.

We have also created a detailed E-Brochure guide for the 'Call for Papers' process, which you can access by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks in advance for your interest and submissions!

Topics and Themes

Government, Regional, National and International Authorities, Industry and Academia all strive for excellence and continual improvement in spill preparedness and response. They do so within the context of an evolving energy mix, with many emergent fuel technologies now being introduced as regulators, companies and manufacturers seek to reduce emissions.

Vessels are increasing in size, changing propulsion fuels and becoming more automated in operation; the oceans are increasingly busy, but their health is declining and pollutants (including debris and plastic) threaten the biodiversity within and on which we rely.

Oil production is focused on mature basins, often with ageing infrastructure or in frontier regions, pushing the bounds of technology, both of which pose oil spill risk challenges. Climate change has brought unstable weather patterns that are often extreme and damaging.

Against this backdrop, Interspill 2025 will be a face-to-face forum to discuss these issues and showcase research and innovative solutions that can improve global readiness and demonstrate why spill preparedness remains highly relevant and adds true value to all who invest in it and use the oceans sustainably.

Interspill 2025 - Call For Papers E-Brochure

Conference Streams

We invite short abstracts of 250 words on the following topics. These will form the Interspill 2025 Conference streams. The closing date for submission of a short abstract is 18 June 2024 - all submissions should be emailed to Interspill Ltd's Executive Director, Mark Orr, at by this date.


Incident and Crisis Management

  • Use of AI and Technology in Incident Management
  • Maintaining competence when there are fewer incidents
  • Recruiting and retaining the next generation of responders
  • Ageing infrastructure and decommissioning

Contingency Planning and Preparedness

  • HNS Convention

Response updates

  • Offshore Sub-surface response
  • Offshore Surface Response
  • Dispersants
  • Inland response
  • Shoreline response
  • Wildlife Management

Surveillance, Modelling and Visualisation

  • Surveillance
  • Modelling
  • Visualisation
  • Remote Sensing

Shipping Risks

  • Sanctions, Insurance and Claims
  • Hazardous and Noxious Substances
  • Sunken vessels
  • Security

Alternative fuels and response to them

  • Low Sulfur Fuels oils recovery
  • Emerging fuels and their impact of response, e.g. Ammonia

Outreach and Communication

  • Improving research into spill prevention and spill response
  • Partnerships and Collaborative Working (Regional cooperation)

Plastics and Marine Litter

Case Histories

  • Identified incidents from different perspectives
  • Hot topics

Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of spill response

Additional Content

In addition to the Interspill Conference, we invite submissions regarding the event's Supporting Programme of content.

Workshops and Seminars

Interspill 2025 will again feature the popular Academic and Science Workshops as well as Industry and Innovation Seminars, which allow the scientific and university community to engage with end-users, and for manufacturers and innovators to showcase their latest developments. Contributions to these presentations are also welcome.

Short Courses

Specifically for the spill community, these courses held on 7 April will offer an excellent introduction to spill preparedness and response, as well as claims and compensation.

Poster Exhibition

The Poster Exhibition will be an important feature of Interspill 2025, incorporated into the networking activities and event programme. Poster displays are invited from all communities, and will present innovative or thought-provoking topics.

Submission Details

Authors are requested to submit a short abstract, up to 250 words, to the Conference and Workshop Committee by email to, by 18 June 2024.

Authors are requested to indicate whether their paper is for the Conference, for the Poster Exhibition, for the Academic and Science Workshops, or for the Industry and Innovation Seminars.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by 19 July 2024, then a more detailed abstract of 500 words (inclusive of speaker biography and photos for website) will be required for consideration by 16 September 2024.

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