Our Story and Purpose

The Journey Begins

Interspill's inception over two decades ago marked a pivotal moment in addressing the evolving challenges of marine spills.

Born out of the need to respond to significant changes in the marine spill landscape, the first Interspill Conference in 2000 in Brighton (UK) set the stage for what would become a crucial platform for the industry. The event has been subsequently staged in Brest (France), Trondheim (Norway), London (UK), Marseilles (France) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Interspill 2025 will be the 10th edition and 25th anniversary year for the event. Despite advancements in shipping that have reduced incidents within the event's lifetime, spills do still occur, necessitating continued robust prevention and response measures.

Evolving with the Industry

Today, Interspill stands at the forefront of addressing complex challenges. With the shipping and oil & gas industries undergoing transformative change - driven by the push for reduced emissions, increased automation, emerging fuel technologies and escalating shipping volumes - the need for an informed, proactive approach to spill management has never been greater. Additionally, aging infrastructure, both at sea and on land, underscores the urgency of constant vigilance and preparedness for potential spills.

A Collective Endeavour

Founded by leading European spill industry Trade Associations - NOSCA (Norway), SYCOPOL (France) and UK and Ireland Spill Association, and later joined by SRGH (Netherlands) - Interspill has grown to become more than just a Conference and Exhibition. It's a collaborative effort, managed alongside key entities including the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds), the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF), IPIECA, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), OSRL and CEDRE.

This collective stewardship ensures that Interspill remains aligned with the industry's pulse and global environmental concerns.

Mission and Delivery

Interspill's enduring mission is to champion best practices and foster engagement in spill prevention and response. This is achieved through a diverse array of offerings, including its unique Exhibition, comprehensive Conference, hands-on Science and Innovation Workshops and targeted training sessions. Each aspect of Interspill is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange, drive innovation, and cultivate a community dedicated to safeguarding our marine and terrestrial environments from the impacts of spills.

As we look towards future editions of Interspill, our commitment to evolving with the industry and serving as a beacon of expertise and collaboration remains unwavering. Join us in this ongoing journey to protect our oceans and lands from the risks and impacts of spills.

Delegate passes will be released soon, but you can pre-register your interest in attending via the button below, then we’ll notify you when tickets for the event go live.