Interspill Conference Schedule and Highlights

Posted 15th June 2022

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The heart of Interspill is the Conference which presents an opportunity for professionals from the international spill response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations, and academia to come together to tackle the greatest challenges facing us with sound science, practical innovation, social engineering, a global research, and imagination.

The momentum behind the Interspill Conference builds as we are just 5 days from the opening of Interspill 2022.

This year we have been delighted by the quality of abstracts received by the Conference Committee. It means that we have 21 high-quality sessions with 3 or 4 papers to be presented in each session delivered by experienced leaders in our industry.

The conference covers a range of contemporary topics. As one would expect there are sessions on Contingency Planning and Preparedness, Shoreline Response, Subsea Response, Dispersants, Inland Response, and Offshore Surface Response. As a spill always affect communities and stakeholders we have two sessions on Outreach and Communication.

The conference also reflects the changing nature of spill response with three sessions on Surveillance, Modelling and Visualisation, Plastics and Marine Litter and Managing Wildlife. Two very popular sessions are emerging technology and the conference concludes with Lessons learned through Case Histories.

The Premiam Conference in 2022 will take place as an integral part of the Interspill 2022 Conference and Exhibition with the goal of promoting best practices in an international context. Premiam (Pollution Response in Emergencies: Marine Impact Assessment and Monitoring) is a well-established environmental impact assessment and monitoring approach that was developed to support the UK Government. It has since been used in many incidents as part of a package of support from the UK Government to marine incidents abroad.

The conference is an opportunity to update knowledge, learn about emerging topics and keep up to date, continuing personal development. It is also a great opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry.

Our conference will be a face-to-face forum to discuss these issues that will improve global readiness. it will add true value to all who invest in capability, work in response and use the oceans for commerce.


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