Interspill 2022 - Closing Day!

Posted 24th June 2022

closing day at Interspill 2022

Interspill 2022 concludes today at 1600CET.

It has been a lot of work to get there overshadowed by uncertainty on attendance due to COVID restrictions and the debate of face-to-face or hybrid!

As we look to close the event we can say to all who have participated IT WAS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!

There has been a delight in catching up with friends in the industry as well as networking working with each other and making new contacts and future friends.

It has been refreshing to talk about science, risk, innovation and to understand the challenges the industry is facing and how it is planning to overcome them. It gives confidence in facing the changes of the future.

It has also been refreshing to see Interspill evolve and grow despite uncertain times.

Interspill is only possible as the Committee works hard behind the scenes to plan and deliver the event and give it direction and leadership through the commitment of the organisations behind it: IMO, IOGP, IOPC Funds, EMSA, IPIECA, ITOPF, Oil Spill Response, Cedre and the European trade associations; NOSCA Clean Oceans, SRGH, Sycopol and UK and Ireland Spill Association.

The event has been delivered by Interspill Ltd and its delivery partner iConex in conjunction with Spill response Group Holland (SRGH), the host trade association.

Most importantly the 70 companies who exhibited and the delegates who attended the event and make it what it is.

We now hand over to the next spill response and preparedness conference in the triennial series, which also includes IOSC in USA; SpillCon to be held in Brisbane, Australia 11-15 September 2023. More details from


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