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6 April 2020

Following the announcement of the delay of IOSC, in USA, for a year to 2021, Interspill will now take place at RAI, Amsterdam in 2022. Further news shortly.
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Interspill Committee, November 26 2019

Interspill Committee, November 26 2019 meeting hosted by EMSA director, Mrs Maja Markovčić Kostelac in Lisbon.

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The Interspill Committee

Interspill is owned and organised by the three founders, UK Spill Association (UKSpill), the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association (NOSCA), the Syndicat National Des Constructeurs D’Equipements De Lutte Contre La Pollution Des Eaux (SYCOPOL), all representing the European Spill industry, and a group representing related interests. IPIECA, representing the environmental and conservation interests of the international petroleum industry, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), recognising its tasks concerning marine pollution preparedness and response in Europe. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), recognising its global role concerning maritime pollution prevention and preparedness. The International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds), recognising its role concerning compensation for oil pollution damage, the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF), recognising its role in preparedness and response for ship source pollution.

The Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (CEDRE) recognising its role concerning pollution, and Oil Spill Response Ltd., (OSRL) recognising its role as a major oil spill preparedness and response industry cooperative.