Closing Day!

Interspill 2022 concludes today at 1600CET. It has been a lot of work to get there overshadowed by uncertainty on attendance due to COVID restrictions and the debate of face-to-face or hybrid! As we look to close the event we can say to all who have participated IT WAS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT! There has […]

Interspill 2022 – 2 Days Down FINAL Day Approaches!

So far Interspill has surpassed our post-COVID expectations with a larger exhibition, plenty of visitors and many innovations that have made the show so interesting! Today has had the themes of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) running through it.The opening special plenary session by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton saw a full auditorium captivated by her life […]

Interspill 2022 – A Successful Day One

Well, Day One at Interspill went well and the hum of discourse was everywhere as friends caught up with overseas colleagues they had not seen during our COVID years! Attendance numbers were higher than expected, the exhibitors were delighted with the quality of the visitors and the keynotes rose to the significance of meeting face to […]

Interspill 2022 – Opening Day

After three years of planning and worry over COVID prompting long discussions on Interspill being a face-to-face, hybrid or online event, today Interspill opens as a pure face-to-face event with three opening keynotes. The following senior industry leaders open Interspill this morning at 0930: Sander Winckels, Rijkswaterstaat Ms Maja Markovčić Kostelac, EMSA Executive Director Morten […]

Interspill Inform: Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution Webinar now live!

  On 31 May Interspill Inform hosted an interesting webinar on Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution. It is part of our Clean Seas webinar series which is a prelude to the Clean Seas Day at Interspill on 23 June. The webinar presented the scale of the problem, how it will get worse without governmental action and set out […]

On Water Demonstrations – Monday 20 June

Spill Response Group Holland (SRGH) as hosts of Interspill 2022 have agreed with the Port of Amsterdam for an On Water Demonstration area to be available on the River Amstel. Up to 10 of the SRGH members have agreed to support an On Water Demonstration. It will be hosted on the sustainable vessel Z8. SRGH […]

Interspill Technical Conference

The momentum behind the Interspill Conference builds as we are just over 2 weeks from the opening of Interspill 2022. This year we have been delighted by the quality of abstracts received by the Conference Committee. It means that we have 21 high-quality sessions with 3 or 4 papers to be presented in each session […]

Interspill Inform: Marine Debris & Plastic Pollution Webinar

Interspill Inform: Clean Seas – Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution Webinar 31st May @ 14:00 BST Marine debris and plastic pollution are growing threats to all ecosystems. Plastic pollution leakage into aquatic ecosystems has grown sharply in recent years and is projected to more than double by 2030, with dire consequences for human health, the global economy, biodiversity […]

Interspill 2022: Introducing Our New Opening Keynote and Special Plenary Session Speakers

Interspill 2022: INTRODUCING OUR NEW OPENING KEYNOTE SPEAKERS : Nancy Scheijven-Westra, the Director of Vessel Traffic and Water Management at Rijkswaterstaat, will welcome us to Amsterdam and to our host nation of the Netherlands which has a strong nautical tradition and people to whom the water is as familiar as the land. She studied business economics and international management […]

Exciting Programme at Interspill 2022 continues to build!

Following the Interspill Conference Committee meeting on 4 May, we are pleased to be able to release the very latest Interspill Programme. The Committee agreed on the Conference programme and the experienced session Chairs. The Conference is a blend of traditional oil spill topics – incident management, contingency planning and preparedness, subsea response, and dispersants […]