An innovation for Interspill 2022 will be the focus of the event on particular relevant sectors.

These have been chosen as:

The goal is to provide content tailored to these sectors and market these days to them so that they join the debate providing the spill industry will greater awareness of issues relevant to each sector.

The sector themed days provide the opportunity to look ahead and identify what academia, consultancies and regulators believe the industry needs. It should encourage R&D from industry in developing solutions to current or future problems that need to be addressed. The closing session of each day focuses on production of a short paper presenting an outcome of the whole discussion process and listing all who have contributed through the webinars and at Interspill.

On these days the conference streams will be oriented to these sectors. However, the industry seminars and workshops will focus solely on these sectors.

One day is insufficient to address all of the issues each sector faces. So we have formed working groups for each sector day and they are in the process of choosing three topics that will be the focus of the day.

To explore the topics in greater detail there will be a series on Interspill Inform webinars that will be held prior to Interspill 2022 that will discuss each topic in details.

Please go to each sector day to see what is being discuss and the plan for the webinars and the content for each day.

Please Note: These are dynamic pages and will be updated weekly with content, dates and papers and case studies so keep checking back!

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