Interspill Inform: Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution Webinar now live!


On 31 May Interspill Inform hosted an interesting webinar on Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution. It is part of our Clean Seas webinar series which is a prelude to the Clean Seas Day at Interspill on 23 June.

The webinar presented the scale of the problem, how it will get worse without governmental action and set out what can be done at the national and local levels.

It drew together a broad series of speakers who shared their experience of how these problems can be managed and whilst pervasive, with effort, the issue can be solved.

Thanks to our series mentor and speakers:

Mimmi Throne-Holst, Research Director, SINTEF – the series mentor
Josh Doran, Oracle Environmental and UK and Ireland Spill Association
Sveinung Nymark of Novumare and NOSCA Clean Oceans
Bard Haug of SpillTech and NOSCA Clean Oceans
Eirik Langeland NOSCA Clean Oceans
Neha Mehta of DESMI and UK and Ireland Spill Association