Interspill Inform: Marine Debris & Plastic Pollution Webinar

Interspill Inform: Clean Seas – Marine Debris and Plastic Pollution Webinar

31st May @ 14:00 BST

Marine debris and plastic pollution are growing threats to all ecosystems.

Plastic pollution leakage into aquatic ecosystems has grown sharply in recent years and is projected to more than double by 2030, with dire consequences for human health, the global economy, biodiversity and the climate.

We have the know-how, we need the political will and urgent action by the government to tackle the mounting crisis.

This webinar will explain the scale of the problem, the increased forecast, what is being done by Governments and what consumers can do. The webinar will hear from responders, manufacturers, regulators and manufacturers with solutions to stem the tide!

A selection of speakers from NOSCA Clean Oceans, UK and Ireland Trade Association will talk on this topic.

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