Interspill 2022: Diversity Equality and Inclusion Lunch

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) is very important to our industry and is celebrated at the triennial series of response events and other industry exhibitions by holding a dedicated session on this subject. At Interspill 2022, this will be in the form of a workshop and lunch.

The aim of the lunch is to create an open forum for all to speak about gender equality. Its objectives are to:

  1. Share views and opinions on specific gender-related topics.
  2. Share experience in overcoming barriers.
  3. Support women who are at the start of their career or who are looking for inspiration and mentoring.
  4. Help establish a strong and supportive women’s network in the oil spill industry.

There will be a panel discussion to start the event, which will include a short talk from Dr Sabrina Hatton-Cohen on lessons she has learned during her career both as an academic and as a senior officer in the Fire and Rescue Service. This will be followed by lunch and an interactive session in up to eight groups that will discuss unconscious bias, responding to sexism, work/life balance, and the impact of culture.

The session will conclude with short presentations from each group and then a panel-led discussion.

If you wish to attend the lunch please tick the relevant box on the registration form. If you have registered but did not tick that box then simply re-register but tick ONLY the DEI box.

To register for the event:

 There are a maximum of 80 attendees at this lunch and workshop so please book NOW!

To inform the workshop content, we would ask all who are attending Interspill to complete a short survey. It is anonymous and the organisers see only the survey statistics that are gathered.

Please complete the form by following this link:

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