Interspill 2022 to host 5th Premiam Conference on 22 June at RAI Amsterdam

Premiam (Pollution Response in Emergencies: Marine Impact Assessment and Monitoring) is a well established environmental impact assessment and monitoring approach that was developed to support the UK Government. It has since been used in many incidents as part of a package of support from UK Government to marine incidents abroad.

The Premiam Conference in 2022 will take place as an integral part of the Interspill 2022 Conference and Exhibition with the goal of Promoting best practice in an international context.

The Premiam conference provides a forum for scientists, regulators, environmental advisors, responders and other professionals working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring and impact assessment to share experience, best practice and knowledge with the wider marine emergency response community.

The Premiam initiative aims to disseminate best practice in the application of science to spill scenarios and to promote excellent cooperation and communications in achieving effective post-spill monitoring.

The 5th Premiam Conference will bring together an excellent programme of speakers to consider best practice scientific approaches, emerging spill threats and to put this in an international context.

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