Call for Papers Interspill 2022

It was our pleasure last week to announce that Interspill 2022 is to be held at the RAI exhibition and convention centre Amsterdam from 21-23 June 2022.

Today the Interspill Committee announces the preliminary programme together with the Call for Papers for Interspill 2022 and invites authors to submit abstracts for consideration by 30 September 2022.

Industry, government, national, international authorities and academia strive for excellence and continual improvement in spill preparedness and response in the context of unstable oil prices and an evolving energy mix with many emergent fuel technologies to take into account. At the same time regulators and manufacturers are committed to reducing emissions.

Vessels are increasing in size and becoming more automated in operation; the oceans are increasingly busy, but their health is declining and pollutants including debris and plastic threaten the diversity within and on which we rely. Oil production is increasingly focused on mature basins, often with ageing infrastructure which poses an oil spill risk, meanwhile rationalisation has recently seen a lot of internal oil spill resource and corporate knowledge retire from corporations.

At the same time our most important resource, the people in our industry, are drawn from different cultures, religions and genders. When an incident occurs they are expected to work seamlessly together as part of a team to achieve success and safe partnership working.

Against this backdrop, Interspill 2022 will be a face-to-face forum to discuss these issues and showcase innovative solutions which will improve global readiness and demonstrate why spill preparedness remains highly relevant and adds true value to all who invest in it and use the oceans for commerce.

We encourage submission of abstracts from all of the response community; responders, manufacturers, academia, consultancies, oil companies etc

If you have any queries please address them to the undersigned.

If you wish to submit, please do so by 30 September to

Interspill Call for Papers