Interspill Ltd present the new Interspill Logos

Interspill are delighted to introduce the fresh new look for Interspill 2020.

Interspill 2022 will be staged against a background of change in the industry which like government, national, international authorities and academia strive for excellence and continual improvement in spill preparedness and response in the context of variable oil prices and evolving energy mix with many emergent fuel technologies as we drive to reduce emissions. 

Vessels are getting larger and more automated in operation, the oceans are increasingly busy but their health is declining and pollutants including debris and plastic threaten the diversity within and on which we rely. Oil production is increasingly focused on mature basins, often with ageing infrastructure which poses an oi spill risk, meanwhile corporate rationalisation has recently seen a lot of internal oil spill resource and corporate knowledge retire out of corporations.

Against this backdrop, Interspill 2022 will be a face-to-face forum to discuss these issues and also showcase innovative solutions which will improve global readiness and demonstrate why spill preparedness remains highly relevant and adds true value to all who invest in it and use the oceans for commerce. 

Against the time of change, as well as a focus on how the industry work to reduce its impact of the marine environment Interspill 2022 will focus on:


We have therefore refreshed the event logo and signage in conjunction with Crunch Creative who have considerable experience working in the marine and cruise world.

Interspill Brand update